Coinifide CEO interviewed by Hehmeyer Trading + Investments

Coinifide CEO Yuri Zamostin was interviewed by Hehmeyer’s Jessica Darmoni about the company’s cryptocurrency trading and education platform.

Mr. Zamostin talked about how important education is for the nascent cryptocurrency space, and how there is high demand from enterprises and universities to educate their employees and students. Certification is an important component as well, as students want credibility and hiring companies want official certification of course completion.

He also spoke about the innovative peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses on security, accessibility, and liquidity.

Click here to read the article on Hehmeyer’s website.

Coinifide Wins 2nd Place in the Barchart Startup Exchange Competition


We took home the 2nd place prize in the 1st ever Barchart Startup Exchange Competition!

The startup showcase featured 16 companies competing for three cash prizes. We pitched our decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and hands-on trading simulator. Focused on security and liquidity, our decentralized exchange delivers a comprehensive solution for the modern cryptocurrency trader.

In addition to our decentralized exchange, we are also launching an educational platform that will allow users to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Stay tuned for more awards and accolades!

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