Blockchain evangelists since 2016

Our Solutions 01

We are building a robust set of solutions to help individuals and enterprises participate in the blockchain economy and transact crypto-currencies with more confidence. Our dynamic, non-linear online educational platforms allow users to learn about the industry while they apply their knowledge using our hands-on, simulator supported by live market data.

Competitive Advantage 02

Our platform creates enhanced liquidity, provides enhanced security tools and protocols while reducing the cost of the transaction. Our proprietary pass-through model means that we never hold the actual currency hereby significantly reducing the risk of the account being hacked.

Our Goal 03

We pride ourselves on Innovation by creating a friendly, easy to use platform which enhances the user experience at every step. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive solutions to help you learn and grow. From our proprietary educational platform to our hands-on simulator we deliver the tools and services needed to succeed in the complex world of Blockchain and CryptoCurrency.

Ready to trade cryptocurrencies?

Use our interactive, hands-on simulator and auction platform to develop your trading strategy in a risk-free environment

Our services

The world is changing, we provide the tools to change it for the better

News and Data

Real-time market feeds & trends, industry news, enhanced charting and analytics

Educational Platform

Dynamic, non-linear way to learn about cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain technology

Interactive Simulator

Peer to peer trading, auctions, user rating system

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