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What is Blockchain Technology? An In-Depth, Beginner’s Overview

What is Blockchain Technology? An In-Depth, Beginner’s Overview

Learn more about how blockchains work, the benefits they provide, and how they can be applied to various industries. Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies since the internet was invented, and will have wide-ranging impact on many industries, including...

Coinifide Selected to Attend StartEd’s Hyper Accelerator

We're proud to announce that Coinifide has been selected to StartEd's EdTech Hyper Accelerator Summer 2019 program in New York! The Hyper Accelerator is a week-long program designed to help EdTech startups like us better focus our product, position our brand, and...

Coinifide CEO interviewed by Hehmeyer Trading + Investments

Coinifide CEO Yuri Zamostin was interviewed by Hehmeyer's Jessica Darmoni about the company's cryptocurrency trading and education platform. Mr. Zamostin talked about how important education is for the nascent cryptocurrency space, and how there is high demand from...

Data Science Applications in the Crypto Space – A White Paper

Our VP of Product, Darius Tajanko, published a white paper that investigates the various applications of machine learning, econometrics, and general data science within the cryptocurrency space. Specifically, Darius investigates the potential impact that...

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