Cybersecurity: Blockchain Applications

Protecting the digital world’s infrastructure, safeguarding your career progression.

Be at the Forefront of Cybersecurity Innovation

Cybersecurity combined with blockchain is creating impenetrable digital spaces and you can be at the forefront of it. Coinifide content is created by industry leaders in blockchain cybersecurity and additional Oracle and Solidity hands-on labs provide invaluable practical experiences.

The Cybersecurity: Blockchain Applications course details the major issues currently impacting businesses as they relate to Cybersecurity, which amount to billions of dollars lost every year due to fraud and hacking, and how Blockchain technology can overcome them.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Students majoring in any of the following areas: Cybersecurity; Forensic Science; Security Software Development; Security Administrator; Information Security Specialist.
  • Working Professionals with a background in Cybersecurity.
  • Military personnel transitioning to civilian life who are looking to gain a new skill set that will keep their skills relevant and up to date.

    Innovative Hands-on Lab

    Learners also have the ability to gain hands-on experience through labs and assignments using server simulations and blockchain tools. The labs will provide a practical demonstration of the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including hashing, mining and immutability.

    What You’ll Learn

    • Course 1: Cybersecurity and the Blockchain
    • Course 2: Decentralized Processing/Storage
    • Course 3: Ledger Immutability
    • Course 4: Distributed Consensus
    • Course 5: Verifiable Broadcasts
    • Course 6: Trustless Coordination
    • Course 7: Transparent Processing

      Protecting the digital world’s infrastructure, safeguarding your career progression.

      Industry certification on the blockchain

      We’ve partnered with Credly (formerly part of Pearson) to provide industry-recognized certifications, tracked on the blockchain.

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