Smart Contracts: Blockchain Applications
Hyperledger Fabric Development

 Building the Web 3.0 world, creating new exciting career paths for developers.

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Coinifide and its global partners are giving you the opportunity to learn in-demand smart contract development skills. The course has been created by industry leaders and supplemental Oracle hands-on lab will give you invaluable practical experience using Hyperledger Fabric.

The Smart Contracts: Blockchain Applications course gives learners the core technical skills needed to build smart contracts on the blockchain. They will gain invaluable technical knowledge from leading developers on the process of creating, testing and launching smart contracts across a number of blockchains.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Students majoring in Computer Science; Computer Programming; Information Sciences; Management Information Systems; Software Engineering; Systems Analysis.
  • Students and Professionals with backgrounds in Programming and Engineering.
  • Professionals who want to learn a new skill that will compliment their background
  • Individuals interested in working for  a Technology Company or a Tech Startup.
  • Military personnel transitioning to civilian life who are looking to gain a new skill set that will keep their skills relevant and up to date.

Hands-on Labs Created with Oracle

In addition to theoretical knowledge, learners can gain relevant hands-on experience through labs and assignments using the Oracle docker environment and blockchain solutions. The lab itself will provide a practical demonstration of the fundamentals of blockchain technology, including hashing, mining and immutability.

What You’ll Learn

  • Course 1: History of Bitcoin and Blockchain

  • Course 2: Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Course 3: Types of Blockchains
  • Course 4: Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Course 5: Hyperledger Fabric 1
  • Course 6: Hyperledger Fabric 2
  • Course 8: Alternative Platforms

Industry certification on the blockchain

We’ve partnered with Credly (formerly part of Pearson) to provide industry-recognized certifications, tracked on the blockchain.

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