Taxation: Blockchain Applications

Streamlining the world’s global financial infrastructures, creating greater career progression for professionals

Bringing New Levels of Accuracy and Transparency

The Taxation – Blockchain Applications course explores the radical shift in tax systems that is being brought about by the integration of blockchain technology whilst providing industry-leading, invaluable experience through unique hands-on labs delivered by global, industry-leading technology creators.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Students majoring in the following areas: Taxation; Accounting; Finance; Management; or any major within the School of Business
  • Tax Accountants to Managing Partners working in taxation
  • Taxation professionals of all levels and experience working in the private sector

    Innovative Hands-on Lab

    Learners also have the ability to gain hands-on experience through labs and assignments using server simulations and blockchain tools. The labs will provide a practical demonstration of the fundamentals of blockchain technology and how to track and reconcile cryptocurrency transactions.

      What You’ll Learn

      • Course 1: The History and Evolution of Cryptocurrency
      • Course 2: Cryptocurrency Taxation
      • Course 3: Cryptocurrency Tax Saving Strategies
      • Course 4: Regulatory Uncertainty and IRS Enforcement Actions

      Industry certification on the blockchain

      We’ve partnered with Credly (formerly part of Pearson) to provide industry-recognized certifications, tracked on the blockchain.

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