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Blockchain is changing the way our world operates. Join this radically-changing industry with the latest knowledge, immersive hands-on labs and blockchain-backed certification provided by Credly.

Why Learn with Coinifide?

Course content is created and reviewed by industry-leading subject matter experts (SMEs). Every course is developed using outcomes-based learning model to ensure effective learning.

Each course is supported by cutting-edge, simulated training environments delivered by industry leaders. Learners will gain a deeper understanding of subjects and be able to apply those skills proactively.

Certifications are awarded through Credly, an industry-standard certification platform, to allow learners and employees to store and track records of courses completed and the knowledge that’s been acquired.

Smart Contracts: Blockchain Applications

The Smart Contracts: Blockchain Applications course gives learners the core technical skills needed to build SMART contracts on the blockchain. They will gain invaluable technical knowledge from leading developers on the process of creating, testing and launching smart contracts across a number of blockchains.

Cybersecurity: Blockchain Applications

The Cybersecurity: Blockchain Applications course details the major issues currently impacting businesses as they relate to Cybersecurity, which amount to billions of dollars lost every year due to fraud and hacking, and how Blockchain technology can overcome them.

Accounting: Blockchain Applications

The Accounting: Blockchain Applications course explores how blockchain technology is radically streamlining the everyday processes of bookkeepers, accountants and financial managers across the globe. The result of this technological transformation is a drastic increase in output and productivity, significant time and cost savings, and enhanced opportunities for collaboration between businesses and auditors.

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