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Coinifide provides industry-leading blockchain education content and hands-on simulations for universities and enterprises. Let our customizable, content-certified, turnkey solutions help you create the next generation of blockchain experts.

Turnkey Course Creation with Coinfide

White-labelled, scalable and adaptable. Comprehensive turnkey solutions to launch or expand your blockchain education program.

Educational Content

Industry-validated content updated every 48-72 hours. Use only the content you need.

Learning Assessments

Built-in knowledge assessments to measure progress and learning effectiveness.

Faculty Training

We can train your faculty on the subject matter for an optimal teaching experience.

Easy Integration

Dynamic text, graphical, and video modules that are easily integrated into your programs.

Interactive Tools

Hands-on blockchain and cryptocurrency simulators to accelerate learning.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effective pricing and low-risk revenue share agreements for a win-win relationship.

Because Quality Matters

We make sure that all of our content and courses are reviewed by industry experts to meet the highest accuracy standards. You can be certain that each element of your course will be QM-certified.

Insight for Every Industry

Blockchain is creating huge changes in almost every industry. Our extensive subject-matter expertise means we can provide vertical-specific content matched to a diversity of disciplines.

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